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What began as a part-time hobby during Covid has grown into a small business.  During Covid, my mother, Cathy and I made masks and donated $1 from each towards Breast Cancer and other charities.  She's a 25 year survivor.  My sister, Lisa had treatment during Covid and is a 2 year survivor.  My dad, Yvon also had treatments for prostate cancer during Covid.  It was a stressful time for my family.  Feeling helpless, mom and I started making masks.  Once mask making started to slow down, I took up curling again.  I asked mom to make a cover for my curling broom and the rest is history.  My mom and I hand sew each broom cover.  Once your order is placed, I add the text based on your specifications.  I'm located in Maple View, New Brunswick, Canada.

Curl for Cancer

Curl for Cancer at the Woodstock Golf Club.  Left to right, Jamie Smith, Nicole Smith, Cheryl Shears, Clayton Shears.

Run for the Cure

This picture was taken during "Run for the Cure", my sister's team is called "For Mom and Me".  In the picture from left to right is my sister, Lisa (a 2 year breast cancer survivor), my dad, Yvon (a 2 year prostate cancer survivor), my mom, Cathy (a 25 year breast cancer survivor) and me, Nicole.  Front and centre is my dog, Cabela.  

Sweep Style
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