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5 Quart Maple Syrup Finish Filter in Wool or Felt
  • 5 Quart Maple Syrup Finish Filter in Wool or Felt

    During our off season of curling, we make maple syrup.  We've made a filter that works for us, so we know it will work for you!


    Introducing our handmade cone shaped maple syrup finish filter, the ultimate tool for your maple syrup production. This filter is designed with double layered felt or single layer wool blend fabric, sturdy construction, and serged edges to ensure it lasts for many maple seasons to come.


    Measuring a generous 16 inches wide by 16 inches long, with an additional 2 inches of handle length, this filter is the perfect size to fit on a wooden dowel and drape over your 5 quart pot. The four handles make it easy to hold in place and pour your sap without any spills or mess.


    Our handmade maple syrup finish filter is the ideal choice for anyone serious about their maple syrup production. It's easy to use, convenient to store, and fits perfectly into your kitchen pot. Plus, it's washable, making cleanup a breeze.


    We're proud to offer free shipping throughout Canada, and shipping to the US and international locations is calculated at the best possible rate. Invest in our handmade maple syrup finish filter and elevate your maple syrup game to the next level. Get ready to enjoy delicious, homemade maple syrup like never before!

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